A brief introduction to common and less common diseases.


Case checker

Check your symptoms against millions of real patient extracted from literature. Many are extremely difficult and rare diseases.

Case Checker

Symptom checker

Get a self diagnosis based on your symptoms. We can help you if you have one or multiple symptoms.

Symptom Checker

Differential diagnosis

Some diseases are very similar and it is very difficult to distinguish them. Our differential diagnosis tools help you distinguish them by answering some questions about your conditions.

Abdominal pain in adults

Abdominal pain in children

Arthritis (Osteoarthritis (OA) or Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)?)


Bacterial or viral pneumonia?

Bloating and flatulence

Breast lumps

Chest pain

Cough (acute cough)

Cough (chronic cough)

Common cold or flu?



Difficulty swallowing

Difficult urinating



Elbow pain

Facial pain

Fatigue (acute fatigue)

Fatigue (chronic fatigue)

Fever (acute fever)

Fever (chronic fever)

Foot pain


Hand and wrist pain


Heartburn and indigestion


Leg pain in adults

Leg pain and limp in children

Leg swelling

Menstrual bleeding (abnormal menstrual bleeding)

Menstrual Pain

Menstruation (no menstrual period)

Nausea and/or Vomiting

Painful urination and urethral discharge


Shoulder pain

Sore throat with pharyngeal ulcers

Sore throat without pharyngeal ulcers

Vaginal discharge and itching

Vision problems and other common eye problems

Voiding problems and incontinence

Weight gain

Weight loss

Drug effectiveness

Drug effectivenss review and prediction

Drug effectiveness prediction

Health risk calculator

Here you will find some useful health risks calculators.

Boby Mass Index (BMI) and obesity (using kg and cm)

Boby Mass Index (BMI) and obesity (using lbs and inch)

Diabetes risk calculator

Heart attack risk calculator

HIV infection risk calculator

Life expectancy calculator

Lung cancer risk calculator

Stroke risk calculator

True positive rate calculator

Submit a diagnosis

Share a diagnosis with us to help us to improve accuracy of the diagnosis system.

Submit Diagnosis

Skin disease diagnosis

A tool developed only for skin disease diagnosis

Skin Disease Diagnosis
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